Nicolò Lutteri



This is a project that i do for the course “Computer Architecture.” The main objective is to create a device for monitoring a chemical implant based on a circuit that receives the pH of a solution contained in a container; the scope is to open and close the valve for porting the state of the solution to neutral. This circuit comprises a controller and a datapath (to manage the calculus).



Our solution is written in Sis. The first part of the datapath has all the structures for checking the various pH levels. The second part of the datapath has the circuit to count to 5. Finally, there is the FSM (the controller), essentially a state fined machine. It has four states: the starter, the three states of the chemical (A, B, and N) depending on the states the machine takes the value from the sensor (the datapath will convert to a value readable for the FSM), check the pH value and start the count in the datapath, when the datapath has finished the count the FSM open the designated value.

Tecnology Used